Verification made me question myself, I though I knew what a street sign was and a house signed up to porn quicker lol
I know what a house is and a street sign yet verification decidede
Posted the mythic tactics please read the post!
Theranis for President!
They're waiting for you to come back, to release it, Theranis..
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Zingzilla a posted Mar 21, 17

Fantastic work guys! Gul'dan has been finally defeated!

Now to head into some Mythics and prepare for Tomb of Sargeras!

Shanab a GG Bois :d
Jayverine GG scrubs ;)


Zingzilla a posted Mar 13, 17

After a couple of attempts Elisande went down!

Great work team!

Botanist and Star Auger!

Zingzilla a posted Feb 21, 17

Well done guys, Botanist finally went down, although very messily!
That's not a fun fight.

And then we had a nice break by almost one-shotting Star Auger.
Fab job guys, keep it up

Excellent progress guys! Two nights on Tichondrius and he fell! 

Over half the raid downed now!

Krosus Krushed

Zingzilla a posted Feb 8, 17

Excellent work team!

We got Krosus down after nailing our positioning and focusing on preventing the adds spawning. Let's keep that focus up as we tackle Tichondrius!

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